Eugene Hartman

President, Kognitive

20 years developing and managing sales teams and systems for major retailers (Future Shop, Best Buy & Walmart)

What do you like to do for fun on your spare time?


My wife says I have way too many hobbies actually. Lol😊 My favourite pastime is spending time with family and friends. I enjoy spending time on the water, playing music (drums and guitar), cutting my lawn and hanging out in my backyard. I have done martial arts for many years and attempt to golf when possible. You can tell I spend far more time at work than on the golf course though when you see my score 😊


Walk us through your career progression. What roles did you have and what did you learn along the way?


I started my retail career in sales on a commissioned sales floor. I quickly advanced to a Department Sales Manager role, Store Manager, District Manager, Senior National Manager, Director, Vice President and now President. At each stage of development over the years I learned that focusing on people, developing talent, and building Culture had by far the most impact within my teams. My most proud moments as a leader have always revolved around seeing others grow and watching them succeed.


What are your core strengths?


My core strengths align with people development, building engagement within my teams and creating culture wherein people are proud to be on my team.  I have always found that when I pour my energy into my team, results have always followed.   I love to strategize and plan out ideas.  When faced with an upcoming assignment, my first instinct is to try and think through various outcomes and understand what folks are needed to help accomplish that goal.  I truly like to maximize each task within the goal to try and get the very best outcome. 


What do you love about your job?


I love seeing new leaders growing their leadership skills.  When someone shares a story with me around how they applied something they learned and the impact it had on their team, it brings me the most joy.  I love working with a highly dedicated group of people who go over and above simply because they love what we are trying to accomplish as an organization.   I also love building a culture wherein many people consider Kognitive “Family”.